About me


Photo of Sandra KerrMy artwork tells a story. Whether I’m painting in oil and cold wax, or putting my art onto knit material, I’m going places, and I want to take you with me– if only for a moment.

I was born in Canada of Jamaican parents and my art draws on my cultures, beliefs, and environments. I studied sociology and art history at the University of Calgary. I’ve traveled to about 14 countries and lived in both Japan and (briefly) France. This helps me see variety in the world. I see how, in spite of difference, lives can be similar. Yet I also see the importance of celebrating our uniqueness.  Giving from our unique gifts can have a positive impact on both giver and receiver, particularly in community arts.

I want my art, and life, to make a difference and inspire others to take positive action.

To be or not to be, that is the question!